First Solar-Powered Recording Studio


According to Synthtopia, The Premises has just finished a three year long project to refurbish their suite of 14 recording studios in time for the business's 21st birthday party (on June 30th). The one which piques our interest is Studio A. Apparently it's the first fully professional solar powered recording studio in the UK. It was built using recycled materials where this was possible, and the electronics right down to the air conditioning is adapted to managing with a low energy demand. Studio Director Nathan Hale is reported as saying: "The idea of a solar powered studio has certainly raised a few eyebrows, but it works brilliantly. We've been doing dry runs with bands like Bloc Party and the audio quality is phenomenal. These days more and more music artists are thinking about their 'carbon footprint', so it was only a matter of time before a fully fledged eco-studio became a reality." Maybe it's the sort of venue that treehugging vibe crafters like Kelley Stoltz, Shakira, Cloud Cult, ColdPlay, Sarah McLachlan, Jack Johnson, Joss Stone, and Moby would consider for their next album? ::The Premise Studios, via Synthtopia.