First Organic Gardening Book to Take on Climate Change

We've written about the Centre for Alternative Technology, or CAT, a number of times before. We've interviewed the Centre's development director Paul Allen here, and reported on their scheme to help their employees buy bikes here. However, we've yet to cover the fact that they are an important publisher of books on all aspects of green living. Whether you're a plumber, a DIY enthusiast, a gardener, a student, a teacher or an electrician, CAT publications offers a broad range of practical how-to guides for greening your life at home, at work or at school. The company's latest title is 'The Organic Garden', written by CAT's resident garden guru Alan Shepherd, and billed as "an accessible manual for all levels of expertise and the perfect companion for gardeners wanting to make a difference." It also claims to be the first book of it's kind to specifically take on the issue of climate change.

The author described the thinking behind his holistic approach to organic gardening that is represented in the book:

"In many ways it's representative of ten years of my life. It's about gardening but also climate change, ethical living, community, not to mention wildlife, natural materials, eco-building, renewable energy. It's the first book to treat ethical living as a central component of organic gardening and the first one to talk about climate change. When I started writing the climate change section a year and a half ago I thought I was writing for an audience that would be only semi aware of the issue. How things have changed "

You can order your copy of 'the Organic Garden' here. ::CAT Publications::

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