First Look at Imogen Heap's Crowd-Sourced Nature Documentary (Video)


Imogen Heap at Poptech 2010. Photo: Kris Krug, Creative Commons, Flickr.

Imogen Heap, the British singer famous for her Grammy-winning album Ellipse and 'the OC'-approved song Hide & Seek, made a surprise appearance at Poptech to give a sneak peak of her latest project: A crowd-sourced nature documentary that she's scoring for an orchestra. Called 'Love the Earth Film', the project collects filmakers' and amateur videographers' 'moments' with nature. She unveiled this first look at the film, which looks to be pretty amazing:

Here's a vid explaining the MO of the project:

And here's an example of some of the submitted footage:

She announced that on November 5th, she'll be performing the orchestral score live, along with a screening of the completed film. For more details, see Love the Earth Films. And yes, Heap performed "Hide and Seek" live at Poptech, on piano, without the vocoder. And yes, it was better than it was in that erstwhile teenage melodrama.

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