"Finding Nemo 2" Parody Posters Inspired by Oil Spill

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If you thought the adventures of a wayward clownfish were heartwarming in Pixar's Finding Nemo, chances are you'd walk away from its imagined sequel a bit depressed. On the heels of the next installment of Toy Story, and in light of the worst environmental disaster ever to strike the US, one graphic artist has drawn up parody movie posters of what Finding Nemo 2 might look like--and it's heavy on the oil. Sure, it may not seem like a feel-good blockbuster, but sadly, similar dramas are playing out in real life throughout the gulf coast, many without happy endings. If indeed such a movie is actually made, making it 'G' or even 'PG' may be a bit light--may I suggest a new rating of 'FU-BP'?finding nemo 2 poster photo Image via El Blog de Chibiboto

The BP oil spill has been the inspiration for a number of visual conceptions, especially when it's come to rethinking the company's logo, to convey the anger and frustration surrounding the ongoing environmental crisis. But just as the oil spill is wreaking havoc along the Gulf coast, perhaps it will be necessary to re-imagine the rosy underwater world so often depicted in films for kids. The green gossip site Ecorazzi found just that with this clever parody promotional material for the fictional sequel of Finding Nemo, originally posted on El Blog de Chibiboto.

finding nemo 2 poster photo Image via El Blog de Chibiboto

While Pixar, the animation company behind the original, is no stranger to green themes, which run strong in films like Wall-E and Toy Story 3, an oil-spill inspired sequel to Finding Nemo would be the most pertinent yet. The designer of these parody posters would be happy to see his idea catch the attention of filmmakers:

While we see the world our planet is dying, thanks to one of the largest ecological disasters in the world, because most terrible oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. And now comes the new movie Toy Story 3, I decided to propose some ideas to make the second part of Finding Nemo. I hope these ideas inspire the writers of Pixar.

finding nemo 2 poster photo Image via El Blog de Chibiboto

To some, the posters may seem to be making light of the disastrous situation in the Gulf, but they are in fact a stark reminder of the reality we face today in this oil-spill era, the affects of which will be felt for years to come. The sight of Nemo covered in oil might be a bit jarring, but no more so than the images of real aquatic wildlife succumbing to the spill.

Perhaps a sequel to Finding Nemo in this setting, struggling to survive the worst environmental disaster to hit the US, would be just the thing to show today's youth. After all, future generations will be still be reeling from mistakes we've made for years to come; maybe a computer-generated clownfish could teach kids not to repeat them.

finding-nemo-2-poster-5.jpg Image via El Blog de Chibiboto
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