Finding Eco. NEMO's Nano Oz Recycled Tents Go Cheap

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You may recall we posted earlier this year on NEMO's cool 90%* recycled tent, the Nano Oz. And how, like many new arrivals it was experiencing a few teething troubles. Well, Kate from NEMO was recently in touch to update us on the Nano Oz developmental progress.

Seems the news is both good, and bad. Although the recycled single skin tent fabric is technically a winner "... incredibly durable, breathable and waterproof. Honestly, they have some of the industry's best ratings," according to Kate, it still a few issues to be resolved before a full commercial release. Those issues are twofold: The recycled Nano tent fabric doesn't have quite the same stretch as the standard cloth, and because NEMO tents are so tightly tensioned this lack of stretch was straining the vestibule door a tad. An after factory fix has resolved that issue.

Secondly, as we noted last time, the recycled cloth is taking on a stain from sewing machine oil. (I suspect this may be because polyester is far more hydrophobic than the usual nylon. This is great in the field, as polyester repels more water and doesn't go saggy in heavy rain like nylon. The inverse equation is however often true though, things that hate water, love oil, i.e., they're oleophilic.)

Anyhow NEMO finally have, after a long wait, some Nano Oz tents available for sale. But they aren't cosmetically up to their usual high standard, so they're selling them as 'seconds', at less than 50% the suggested retail price. That's $199, instead of $449. And to sweeten the deal further, they're also throwing in a free groundsheet protecting 'footprint.' normally worth $45. This nearly $300 discount is only available for online purchases.

Kate from NEMO assures me they have remedies sorted out for the next production run. In the meantime the first Nano Oz tents sound like a bit of bargain.

* That 90% recycled figure comes from having recycled fabrics in the shell, vestibule, floor, stuff sack and mesh door. The binding, webbing, cord, zipper tape are also all recycled PET, whilst the buckles and cord grips are reground plastic. Even the hang tags are recycled paper, printed with soy inks. The only thing not recycled is the tent stakes and poles. Yet the latter are of DAC's Green anodising process.

With all that effort invested, you can see why NEMO might be a modicum disappointed that they can't just yet sing their achievements from the rooftops. But good on 'em for the courage to have a go. Hopefully they are buoyed up by having just been named, "Innovation Rocks!" Award Winnerfor August by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development.

Photo: NEMO
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