Find Work in a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Organization

We all would rather work in a job that we like than a job we don't like, that's just normal. But treehuggers like us tend to be sensible, and rightly so, about the impact that their job has on society and the environment. Many of us are torn between the need to put organic bread on the table and act coherently with our beliefs. Should you keep that cubicle job at Big Bad MegaCorp just because it pays? How to find the right job? Respected environmental thinker Dave Pollard recently wrote about "ten ideas that can help you find a meaningful job and make the world a better place at the same time." More or less a guide to help you find a job in a socially and environmentally responsible organization. I'm curious: How many of our readers have considered a career change to work in a field more compatible with a green life? Please leave a comment with your story.

::Dave Pollard