Financial Times, Forum for the Future Team Up for Climate Change Competition

climate change competition image

Have a great idea to beat the effects of climate change? Want $75,000 to fund your idea? Try the contest hosted by Financial Times and Forum for the Future. It starts today and aims to seek out the best of the best for fighting climate change.

Read on for what they're looking for and how to take part.

The Financial Times and Forum for the Future are hosting a competition to find the most innovative solution to the effects of climate change. The winner could be a new technology, system or service, novel organisation or business model. Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, the $75,000 prize aims to turn the best idea into reality.

Starting today, you can submit your entry. Your idea has to be innovative, directly tackle climate change, be feasible and scalable. Feel a little overwhelmed? Check out a few examples to help hone your idea.

The winners will be announced in April. So go forth and solve climate change!

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