Filmmaker Takes Manhattan, 171 Starbucks Stores

Mark Malkoff

Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff was a man on a mission. His goal: To visit every Starbucks outlet in Manhattan in 24 hours—all 171 of them.

Zipping along the mean streets of Gotham on a brand new Schwinn from Kmart, Malkoff (avec cameraman and intern) hit a Starbucks store every seven minutes for more than 20 consecutive hours, taking sips from a grand total of $369.14 in espresso shots, lattes and frappacinos.

"I consumed a purchase at every store," Malkoff says on his Web site. "And I have the receipts to prove it."But after 14 hours on his bike, a dehydrated and disoriented Malkoff had to call in a car for the last leg of his race. Six hours worth of gas and 170 disposable plastic and paper cups of partially imbibed java later, the world blinked, shrugged, and continued to spin on its axis. TreeHugger, on the other hand, had a less-than-genteel reaction.

Malkoff chronicled his day in Radar, but we've thoughtfully included his video below, as well. Scroll down beyond that for a visual of how many cups we estimate Malkoff added to the waste stream with his wholly unenlightening stunt—one that he could have redeemed in part by using a reusable commuter mug (as a statement against disposables), or by requesting Cafe Estima, Starbuck's only fair-trade-certified blend, to draw attention to the fair-trade issue. ::171 Starbucks

Wasted Starbucks cups

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