Film Independent's 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival: "Green Day" this Saturday


Saturday, June 24 has been named "Green Day," of Film Independent's 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival, with screenings of buzz-blessed "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and also "An Inconvenient Truth." When not receiving eco-celluloid illumination, you can check out info from hybrid car companies, environmental organizations, The Environmental Media Association, Plug-In-America, Whole Foods, 4 Hemp Clothing Company, city-wide recycling programs and many more. The Festival is also collecting and recycling old cell phones to raise funds for its educational programs and to reduce hazardous landfill waste. With the donation of an old cell phone, festival-goers will receive $1 off admission to any film or event! Collection boxes will be conveniently located at the Intel Tech Pavilion & Box Office from June 22 — July 2. Check it out! :: Film Independent's 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival via Wendy Martino