Fill Those Seats: An Inconvenient Truth Now In Theaters in NYC, California


This very important film about global warming has now opened in select theaters in New York City and California. We strongly encourage you to go, even if you think you'll disagree with parts or all of it (if you're going to criticize it, at least know what you're talking about). It's important to get people talking about this crucial problem and we hope that an early success will give this movie wider distribution in the coming weeks. The theaters are: The Arclight in Hollywood, the Monica in Santa-Monica, the Lincoln Square in New York and the Sunshine in New York. We'll keep you updated as it opens in other areas (starting June 2nd). To find a theater, check out the official website and don't forget to visit our friends at and sign up for their virtual march. See also ::An Inconvenient Truth - Coming to a Theatre Near You, ::RealClimate Reviews the Science of An Inconvenient Truth, ::An Inconvenient Truth Trailer Available at Apple, ::Movie Review: Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"