Fight the Euro Ban on Frosted Incandescents with the Euro Condom

euro condom light bulb cover photo

The European Union is banning frosted incandescents because they are the most inefficient, and possibly because the light from a clear bulb is really harsh and the change might encourage people to buy frosted compact fluorescents.

Someone better call Michele Bachmann and get her to revise her Lightbulb Freedom of Choice Act before the American government does the same thing. Michele might also be interested in the Euro Condom, developed by German lighting designer Ingo Maurer as a protest against the new rule.

euro-condom poster photo

Maurer is quoted in Dezeen:

The Euro Condom consists of a thin, heat-resistant silicone cover that turns a clear bulb into a frosted one. Frosted bulbs will be banned by the new EU guideline on light sources beginning September 2009, because they are said give off less light than clear bulbs.

But according to the specifications of various manufacturers the difference, measured in lumens, is negligible or not existing. – Protect yourself from stupid rules, use the Euro Condom!

euro-condom-instructions photo

Ingo Maurer's work can be seen in New York at 89 Grand Street during ICFF; I will try can catch up with it and report further on this issue.

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