Fifth US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions

Collective Responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change Gain Traction
We already know that there's a peak oil doom-and-gloom survivalist in many of us, but fortunately it seems like community-focused responses to the end of oil are gaining traction around the world. From the recent arrival of Transition Towns in Japan, through Portland's Peak Oil Task Force to the continued popularity of Peak Moment TV's dispatches on peak oil solutions, many of us are not yet ready to lay down and declare the end of civilization as we know it. Organizers of The Fifth US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions will be hoping that this trend translates into high attendance numbers for their event being held in Rochester, Michigan on Halloween weekend — where delgates can attend workshops on everything from community food security to home energy retrofits. Crucially, the conference is seeking to connect the dots between individual efforts and community-wide responses:
"Skyrocketing oil prices, mounting geopolitical tensions, grave economic realities, and dangerous climate changes are threatening our lives and communities like never before. The age of cheap, abundant fossil fuels is coming to an end, and urgent action is required to transform our overly consumptive society into one that uses far less energy.
By acting now, you can significantly cut your personal household energy use and overall consumption, support more localized economic production, and reduce your dependence on high energy transportation in your daily life. By doing this, you will be helping to create a more resilient and sustainable community adapted to the coming economic and ecological storms."

Meanwhile The Guardian informs us that when 150 British Members of Parliament were asked to name their summer reading, the Transition Town Handbook came in at number 5 (thanks to Rob at Transition Culture for alerting us to that story!).

::The Fifth US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions::via press release::

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