Feedster Feed of the Year Award

Feedster is the feed expert on the net (a "feed" is used to syndicate content online, click here for a primer on the subject). They deal with feeds from all over and help both publishers and readers to get the most out of that powerful technology. Since December 1st, they have been announcing finalists each day for their "Feed of the Year" award. It is quite a prestigious prize, in part because it is not just a popularity contest: feeds are rated by a panel of independent judges based on a wide range of criteria. The winner will be announced at midnight on December 31st, and since Treehugger hasn't been mentioned yet, it is still in the race. If this was based on popularity, we would encourage people to vote, but since it is not, we'll take this opportunity to thank our readers - whether we win or not, they are our real prize. You guys and girls are incredibly supportive, you contribute so much to this adventure in the green side of life with your emails, suggestions, tips, comments, word of mouth and participation in our contests and "homework" projects. You feed us (bad pun) with your positive energy and we can honestly say that we have the best audience on the whole 'net. A big "thank you" to all of you, and we promise that the next year will be our best ever, at least until the next one after that. ::Feedster Feed of the Year Countdown, ::Feed of the Year