Feast Our Eyes and Blow Our Minds. Photo of The Year 2010.

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Our pals at Wend magazine alerted us to the Photo of the Year competition, now in its ninth year. The comp is a fundraiser for MESD Outdoor School Program in Oregon, and POTY (a rather awkward acronym) has raised over $49,000 USD for the Outdoor School's field-based science, which one of the US's "longest running and most successful environmental education programs."And that's the altruistic, feel-good side of things. Your entry fee of a mere $15 for each entry five photographs put you in the running to win $500. Be prepared for some tough competition though, as some previous entries look very striking.

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There are five categories for 2010: Top 100, Faces, Weather, Youth, and Professional. Entries can be submitted from now until 5 January 2011. After the judges have whittled the field down to 100 semi-finalist photographs for the Top 100 Photo of the Year, and 10 semi-finalist photos each in the remaining categories. These will be posted online for online voting between 9 January through 16 January 2011 for viewer voting.

Let's us marvel at your skill behind the lens, inspire us with scenes from in front of the lens and support kids environmental education as a bonus. Win-Win all round. More details at: Photo of The Year 2010
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