Fatboy Slim and Friends Go Blue in the Face Fighting Climate Change (Video)

oxfam's blue in the face campaign takes stand againts climate change photo

Image credit: Oxfam
Oxfam Launches Celebrity Summer Climate Campaign
There was a time when environmental charities and development charities seemed to be fighting each other for public attention. But as the links between poverty, environmental destruction and security become increasingly evident (and with climate refugees on the move here and now), it's clearer than ever that we can't save the climate without tackling development issues, and we can't ensure economic development issues without tackling environmental sustainability. That's why Oxfam's 2009 "Blue In The Face" campaign is so important. The idea behind the campaign is simple - to send a strong message to world leaders at the climate summit in Copenhagen this December, urging them to tackle climate change as a matter of critical importance to the world's poor. As part of the campaign, festivals across the UK will feature face painting and photography sessions, creating a giant multi-media petition. To kick off the effort, celebrities ranging from former Pulp front-man Jarvis Cocker to Fatboy Slim have been photographed by the ultra-hip fashion photographer Rankin. The film below will also be shown on festival screens across the country. It's not all fun and games though - check out this fantastic organization's life and death work in this interactive guide to Oxfam's climate change efforts.

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