Farmer and Philosopher Fred Kirschenmann Wins Thought Leader Award

fred kirschenmann photo

Fred Kirschenmann by Jason Bolton

Last week, the NRDC announced the winners of its second-annual "Growing Green" awards. The awards are intended to honor luminaries in the sustainable-food world, and offer recognition in four categories: "thought leader," "producer," business leader," and "water steward."This year's "thought leader" was Fred Kirschenmann. Grist explains:

Fred Kirschenmann is a long-time organic farmer with a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Chicago. He holds positions at Iowa State University's Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture University and at the New York-based Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Fred proudly embodies the title of "agri-intellectual," a term derisively coined by conventional farmer Blake Hurst in the right-wing magazine The American.

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