Love-Struck Peacock Saves a Turkey From the Dinner Table

While the holiday season is surely a time to bask in the warm affections of friends and family, for the millions of turkeys predestined for the dinner table, conditions are bound to be a bit more oven-like. Short of a Presidential pardon, the future must seem downright bleak among these fat feathered creatures. But for one turkey in particular, salvation has arisen from the most unlikely of places -- her love-affair with a peacock.

Not too long ago, Miss McFeathers had seemingly unbreakable plans for Christmas dinner -- as the main course. Lucky for her, things changed when she entered into a rare interspecies romance.

As a young poultry bird raised on Scotland's Hopetoun farm, Miss McFeathers was being bullied by the other turkeys in her flock, so farmers there decided to let her roam separate from the others. It was then, for whatever reason, she caught the attention of the farm's stately peacock, named Pendragon, who "immediately took a shine to her."

According to those working on the farm, the feeling must have been mutual because that interspecies pair have been an item ever since.

“He roosts outdoors at night while we lock her back up so that the foxes don’t get her but each day they return to each other’s side," farm manager Mike Eagers tells The Edinburgh Evening News.

“We have all enjoyed watching the love story unfold as they undertake their courtship. The two are inseparable and Miss McFeathers has even rejected her fellow turkeys in favour of Pendragon’s company.”

Undoubtedly struck by their odd romance, Hopetoun farm officials say they couldn't help but decide to spare Miss McFeathers from the grim fate her bullying turkey kin had in store:

"This is one relationship we want to see grow and grow."

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