Farm Sanctuary's 35 City Walk Hopes to Raise Over $1 Million for Abused Animals

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Photo: Simon Aughton
Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals hopes to raise $1 million for abused farm animals across North America. The walk, which will take place in 35 cities, increases awareness of wide spread abuse of farm animals, particularly on larger factory farms. If there's not an event in your area, you can show your support virtually. See what's going on in your city.The Farm Sanctuary event promises to bring upwards of tens of thousands of people together to support life saving care for animals rescued from horribly inhumane situations. Participate in an event, join a team, or sign on to the virtual fundraiser: Sleep in for Farm Animals.

Not sure who to support? Meet the animals--Apollo the turkey, Blitzen the calve, Nikki the pig, Georgia the hen, Ian the sheep, and Eva the duck. The walk has grown in a big way from its humble beginnings in Watkins Glen, N.Y. nearly 25 years ago to 35 cities across North America including Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Calgary, Providence, Rochester, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Toronto, and Boston. Events will take place September 10 through November 6, but you can start raising money today for your team or individually.

Even if you're not interested in the event, taking a moment to meet each animal shines some light on the extreme cruelty of some factory farms. It's reason enough to show your support with a vegan or humanely vegetarian diet, eating dairy only when you know exactly where it comes from. Not just choosing organic, but small sustainable providers close to home.

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