Fall One of A Kind Show Roundup


It takes years to get to be an exhibitor at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, an institution every Christmas season where you can load up on the work of artists, craftspeople and artisans. (It is coming to New York and Chicago this year, don't miss it) It usually has a big green section, but this show the pickings were thinner than usual in the green department.

One idea I liked was Botanical Art, where Diane De Roo starts with "real pressed and preserved vegetables and fruits, which are then meticulously hand-painted and mounted in contemporary black frames and shadow boxes."

peppermills photo

Cam Lavers of PepperMills takes local wood and turns it into these neat pepper grinders.

peppermill green sign image

A nice new touch at the show this year is consistent signage in each booth explaining exactly why they are green. They could have used this at Greenbuild, it would have made life easier.

rabbitgreen outfits photo

Zoe Lucas "was dismayed to find that a lot of the clothes available were mass-produced in developing countries, under unknown working conditions. Many of the garments seemed to lack imagination and style, the unwritten rule being that clothing for girls must be pink and/or frilly."

So she founded Rabbit Green and makes it all from " quality reclaimed fabric, restyled locally into a one-of-a-kind item."

clock radio by furni photo

All the blogs went gaga over Furni's sustainable wood skype phone earlier this year; now they are introducing a clock radio made from sustainably harvested wood and an "old-school red LED clock w/alarm functions." It even has an old-school beep you can listen to here.

furni retro radio booth image

I don't know why one would put a little clock mechanism in a big wooden box like this; the exhibitor suggested it was a matter of proportions. But is is very nicely made and has a lovely retro look, and I loved the clean, simple lines of their booth. More at Furni


After reading Taras Grescoe's book Bottomfeeder I have become even more careful about what fish I eat. Therefore it was nice to be able to sample (and purchase) a bit of wild-caught sockeye salmon from what is supposed to be a sustainably managed fishery. It is smoked and packed in a retort pouch so that it will last a very long time without refrigeration. Available online at Canadian Select.

Some years there is a lot of great design at the One of a Kind; other years (like this one) it tends to be more crafty. But it is always fun and worth a trip. One of a Kind

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