Fake BP Twitter Account Wins Scores of Followers

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"The ocean looks just a bit slimmer today. Dressing it in black really did the trick," writes @BPGlobalPR, who recently opened an account on Twitter posing as representative of the oil company. That's just one of the satirical remarks that has attracted over 25 thousand followers on the site in less than a week--far more than the official BP account. And with "tweets" that seem like a far more honest take on such a massive environmental disaster than we've seen from the company itself, it's no wonder people prefer it:

"If we had a dollar for every complaint about this oil spill, it wouldn't compare to our current fortune. Oil is a lucrative industry!"Here's are a few of the "tweets" that have won @BPGlobalPR so many followers:

Please do NOT take or clean any oil you find on the beach. That is the property of British Petroleum and we WILL sue you!

Proud to announce that BP will be sponsoring the New Orleans Blues Festival this summer w/special tribute to Muddy Waters.

The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct.

Thousands of people are attacked by sea creatures every year. We at BP are dedicated to bringing that number down. You're welcome!

We just saw a shark fight an octopus inside the geyser. Almost made this whole thing worth it.

Despite the scathing satire, a spokesman for the oil company say they don't plan on fighting to have the fake account taken down. BP representative Toby Odone is actually being quite mature about the ribbing, reports the AFP: "People are entitled to their views on what we're doing and we have to live with those. We are doing the best we can to deal with the current situation and to try to stop the oil from flowing and to then clean it up."

Now it seems BP hasn't just lost control of the massive oil leak in the Gulf, but their public relations as well--though in one case it's just the humor that's dark.

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