FairDeal Sports Balls, and Ethletic FSC Rubber Sneakers


With the northern summer in full swing, no doubt there are more ball games going on than just the World Cup. So don’t forget to select a fair-traded sphere of phun. FairDeal offer more than just soccer balls. They can outfit you with basketballs (made with natural rubber), and both beach and indoor volleyballs. Plus they do a couple of rugby models as well. But being British based they haven’t as yet deemed to tackle balls suited to American and Australian codes of footy. But we should point out that they do have a special soccer ball, sales of which will contribute £2 ($3.60 USD) to the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. All FairDeal sports balls include in the price a contribution to health care, improvement of working conditions, and a fair wage for workers.


One of their other inspiring initiatives has been the development of a fair traded sneaker that includes a sole made from natural latex rubber sourced via a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified plantation in Sri Lanka. By gum, that’s a great idea. ::FairDeal. A German site also.