Fair Trade Gift Guide Offers More Than Chocolate


There's more to fair trade gifts than tote bags re-constructed from rice bags (as cute as they may be) or coffee, tea and chocolate (as delicious as they are). True, they're more difficult to find, but once you do, you'll discover clothing that doesn't look or feel like a burlap sack, toys that are actually appealing to play with and perfect-presents-for-foodies that extend beyond the typical and tired choco-treats. Not convinced? Click over to the hot-off-the-.pdf file press Fair Trade Gift Guide brought to us by the fair trade body-care line, Anti-Body. (The company also happens to be nudging the First Lady for a Fair Trade White House--hear, hear to that!)

The 32-page catalogue dishes out a stylish array of eco-conscious, fair trade present ideas and the responsible online retailers who sell them. Upon browsing, you'll find groovy gifts like fair trade Chardonnay and vodka, Interrupcion's Green Crushed Olive Spread, recycled tire tube purses and wallets made from El Salvadorian artisans, sports gear, limited edition Autonomie Project kicks, and awesome toys for kiddies and babes like Make Your Own Chocolate kits, puzzles and handcrafted caps and bibs.

With such a generous selection of hip, modern loot, voting with our dollars for fairly treated and paid artisans, farmers and field workers--under environmentally-sound conditions--has never been easier.

:: Fair Trade Gift Guide 2009
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