Facebook Application Bids You to Choose Your Favorite Sustainable Foods Nonprofit for 2010

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Whole Foods has introduced a Facebook application which bids you to vote on your favorite sustainable foods nonprofit by downloading the Facebook app. Choose from three nonprofits which include the Non-GMO Project, Mission Organic 2010, and Growing Power. And your choice makes a difference. Each organization will be receiving a $10,000 donation from Whole Foods Market and the nonprofit with the most votes will have that donation doubled.Whole Foods Markets has introduced its first ever Facebook application which bids users to vote on the organization that they want to receive a $20,000 boost. These are all great nonprofits but here's a quick synopsis of each.

The Non-GMO Project
In Europe, all products containing more than .9 percent GMO are labeled as such. But in the US, there is no such standard. The NON GMO Project scientifically tests all of the individual ingredients that make up a product using a third party testing facility. Products that have been certified are labeled with a NON GMO Project Verified label. This is a good thing because today nearly 70 percent of our processed foods have been genetically modified. Many companies have already signed on to have their products tested and certified.

Mission Organic 2010
Mission Organic 2010 bids you to pledge to eat at least 10 percent organic in 2010. If you join the "mission" you can receive a free organic starter kit. Mission Organic 2010 has set an ambitious goal of increasing organic market share from 3 percent to 10 percent by 2010. "When we, as consumers, demand the organic supply, farmers and food companies will supply the organic demand," the Web site claims.

Growing Power
Growing Power is a Milwaukee based organization that has been training individuals from all walks of life to grow their own food. The organization takes the farm-to-fork mentality very seriously. Growing Power teaches replicable farming methods, runs youth education programs on the subject, and distributes sustainable produce, meats, and retail products from 300 local farms through the Rainbow Farmers Cooperative.

These are all great organizations with critical missions. We will all be winners no matter the outcome as far as I'm concerned.

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