Face Your Food On UN World Food Day, October 16

Tomorrow is World Food Day, and FairFood International, which "encourages sustainability in the food industry, contributing to the fight against poverty and hunger around the world." is trying a new form of very social media to promote it. They have set up a website where you film yourself while eating; it is then slowed down and played backward. They say this "faces us with the question where our food comes from."

face your food image

FairFood writes:

The production of food has a major impact on our world. Thousands of plant and animal species are under threat due to harmful agricultural practices. Farmers across the globe are suffering because of unfair trade. The viral video campaign 'Face Your Food' invites people from across the globe to hold the food industry accountable for the way our food is produced.

It is an interesting exercise in social media; It can also be a bit disconcerting, as the food comes out of the people's mouth rather than going in. But give it a try at face your food. and on Facebook, where you can watch the videos.