Exploring Community Resilience in Times of Rapid Change: Inspiring Animation (Video)

exploring-community-resilience-imageCultivate Center/Video screen capture

"How do I make sure my community has the ability to cope in times of rapid change and is also a brilliant place to live."

As we read the news about declining suburbs, rising energy prices and a dangerously unstable climate, we can be forgiven for reacting with denial, anger or a naive hope that "somebody will do something".

According to this beautiful and timely animation from the Cultivate Center in Dublin, these are very normal responses to shock or disruption. But by understanding them, and by building resilience in ourselves, our social circles, our communities and our global systems, we can learn to ride the waves of change, and even begin to see them as an opportunity.

From Plenitude Economics to transition initiatives to community-owned clean energy, people the world over are already beginning to surf the disruption they see before them. Let's learn from each other and enjoy the ride.

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