Ex-Rocker Peter Garrett Gets Climate Change Portfolio


Two years ago we noted that the ex-frontman for the rock band Midnight Oil had left his second term as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) to enter federal politics, via the Labor Party. Today Peter Garrett was announced by the new Leader of the Opposition as their "spokesman for climate change and the environment." In a weird twist of timing the Australian Prime Minister has also revealed the make-up of his task force to investigate any involvement the country might have in a global carbon trading scheme. (Remember Australia, along with the US, has failed to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol). John Howard explained the mission of the panel thus; "Its sole remit will be to tell us what the shape of a global emissions trading system might take. It will be looked at against the background of preserving the natural advantages Australia has in areas like fossil fuels and uranium." The government's panel includes reps from one of Australia's largest coal exporters, and BHP Billiton, the world's largest resources company who is also owner of Olympic Dam mine, which they note as the world's largest uranium deposit. Peter Garrett, on the other hand, is well known for his long held views on the nuclear and fossil fuel industry, having demonstrated against Exxon and uranium mining, and once ran, over 20 years ago, for a parliamentary seat as a candidate for the Nuclear Disarmament Party. Bound to be interesting times ahead of the next national election in about 12 months time. Via ::ABC Online.

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