Ex-Oil Lobbyist Softened US Climate Research

Here is the problem: "A former oil industry lobbyist edited the Bush administration's official policy papers on climate change to play down the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming," and here is the solutio... the damage control: "The White House said Wednesday that changes in government reports on global warming by a former oil industry lobbyist were part of a normal review and did not violate a pledge to rely on sound science." What's worse, I'm sure it's not even a complete lie – I bet having their papers reviewed by oil lobbyists is indeed "part of a normal review". I hope this story does not go under too soon, because despite that we all know what they are doing, it's still satisfying when they get caught red-handed.

::The Guardian, ::Washington Times, ::SFGate & ::Whitehouse Transcript (more damage control)