Event: Greening Rooftops in Boston, Mass.


Today is the first day of the Fourth Annual International Greening Roofs for Sustainable Communities - Conference, Awards & Trade Show in Boston, Mass. Co-hosted with the City of Boston, the Conference is organized by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) a non-profit industry association working to promote the green roof industry in North America. The opening reception was last night but tickets are available for both the trade show portion of the event as well as for green roof tours. Training courses and workshop are being offered as well with a focus on three main topics: Policies and Programs to Support Green Roofs; Green Roof Design and Implementation and; Research and Technical Papers on Green Roof Performance. Dr. John Todd, 1999's Time Magazine's "Hero of the Earth," is the Conference keynote speaker and will be addressing attendees tonight. Dr. Todd is a pioneer of Living Machines, or ecological engines, for the treatment of wastes, production of foods, generation of fuels and the restoration of damaged aquatic environments. He has authored more than two hundred technical and popular articles on biology and planetary stewardship. The conference takes place at the Boston Sheraton Hotel. ::Green Roofs for Healthy Cities