EvanEco goes to the Carnival, Monbiot on Biochar, Accidental Eco Maniac Highlights Women + Water, and More


EvanEco: Carnival of the Green 172 by Don Bosch
"Got milk? Grab a glass of the white stuff and a chocolate chip cookie, and join me for some green bloggy goodness..."Guardian Ethical Living: Ethical Superstore and Natural Collection merge into giant eco-store by Adam Vaughan
"You heard it here first. The top two players in the online market for 'ethical shopping', Natural Collection and Ethical Superstore, have merged to become 'a force for good'. The firms predict their combined sales of organic grub, green gadgets, fair trade fashion and more will total £8m for the 2009-10 financial year."

Monbiot: Woodchips With Everything by George Monbiot
"Whenever you hear the word miracle, you know there’s trouble just around the corner. But however many times they lead to disappointment or disaster, the newspapers never tire of promoting miracle cures, miracle crops, miracle fuels and miracle financial instruments." Just to balance things out here is TH's Matthew McDermott's response to Monbiot.
Ooffoo: Renewable energy just got easier by Cathy Debenham
"Comparing costs of different renewable technologies and working out potential savings in cash and carbon has just got a whole lot easier. Encraft has developed a range of calculators that help you work out all the figures, so that you can see what’s best for your house much more easily."

The Accidental Eco Maniac: Women and Water by Miranda Newsom
"Today (Sunday 22 March) kicks off World Water Week. It's also Mother’s Day in the UK. What do these have in common? Around the world water issues affect women most of all. In most of the developing world, water is traditionally the responsibility of women."

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