European Kids Track Polar Bears to Understand Global Warming

Well I'm betting that most kids won't ever get the chance to be as close to a polar bear as these kids are, and maybe they don't want to be either! But WWF International has teamed up with Canon to provide a website geared towards kids aged 7-11 that helps them understand global warming by seeing how it affects the polar bear. The website aims to be fun and engaging, and includes access to a polar bear tracker that can track live bears as they travel the arctic, helping kids see that these are living things with a real place on this planet. It also includes the aid of two animated polar bear cubs named Auro and Borea to help guide kids as they learn about threats to polar bears’ habitat, the challenges of climate change, their personal impact on the environment, and of course how they can make a difference in their own lives to help slow down global warming and save the polar bear. Hopefully it will inspire them to take action because the goal of the effort, as Paul Steele, WWF International’s chief operating officer puts it is, “ be able to reach the hearts and minds of children so that future generations will have the knowledge and impetus to make the necessary changes in their lifestyles to help conserve the environment." Sounds like a plan to me!