EUROBIKE Awards Premiere Winners

For the first time, at the EUROBIKE exhibition in Friedrichshafen, the EUROBIKE awards were granted after evaluation of all competitors for design quality, workmanship, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, utility value, safety and brand value/branding. Some award winners of general interest:

The Vittoria Revo.KXS bicycle tire: a unique design, this tire is reversible. Using two different rubber compounds, the tire is designed slick for speed on one side and gripping for bad weather or off-road on the other. At only 35 g additional weight, the concept appears not to waste materials even if you replace the tire before both sides are entirely worn out. And the jury recognized the construction as contributing to a long-lived product, a key factor in materials efficiency, due to puncture and cut resistance. More after the fold...


Ergon Race 2 grips: Available in sizes specific to both men and women, these represent a big step forward in ergonomic comfort while biking. This Treehugger owns a pair already, but performance report is pending the actual installation of the new gear. Sure looks good in the package though, and they came highly recommended by an experienced user.


Knog Frog: an LED micro-light which is easy to install or pocket, and operates for up to 160 hours on two coin-cell batteries, in continuous or blinking mode. Cycling News sure has good things to say about it.

For more winners, see EUROBIKE.