Etsy Handmade Challenge Award Winners

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Etsy, the website that features all things handmade to buy and sell by artists and artisans, held a contest to pick web readers' favourite choices of handmade children's items in seven different categories. These were: toys, eco-friendly, furniture, clothing, art, home decor and accessories.

Yours truly was a member of the "Expert Panel" for the eco-friendly category and my choice for the winner was this sweet green felted wool hat (pictured). Why? "Maybe it is the Canadian in me, but I love cozy hats for children: the only thing my doctor told me when my son was born was: he had to wear a hat in winter and summer. This one is green and made of felted wool, another favourite thing of mine." It was a hard decision; there were so many adorable items.

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Interestingly, the people's choice was completely different. The Members' first choice was ( 679 votes cast) the sweater ball made out of recycled sweaters and filled with fibrefill (pictured). The plum creek snack bag was second with 631 votes; it's a fabric bag for snacks and lunches--not a bad idea. And third was a recycled blue jeans cocoon. What does this show....not sure but voters and judges agreed in only two categories out of the seven.

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As for the other categories; in Toys you have to love Frank Porter the Hot Dog Eating Monster (pictured). He thinks everyone has a gift and "hot dog eatin' just happens to be his."

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In the Clothing category, this cotton appliqued little girls' dress is irresistible. It has white stitching on denim and pockets in the shape of a little house.

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The winning Furniture toy box has a lift-off lid and 2 compartments. It is made from eco-friendly birch plywood, using non-toxic paints. A lovely addition to a room and a treasure to keep. :: Etsy
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