Etsy Debuts Handmade Kids Series, Treehugger Reviews

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Etsy invited TreeHugger to write about their favorite green baby items in the Handmade Kids series; clothes and accessories made for children by independent designers. Etsy is that wonderful website that features all things handmade to buy and sell by artists and artisans. We were delighted to find so many interesting, well-designed and hip, if you can use that word for a baby, items that are environmental, and ecological as well. While it is true that charity shops are a major resource for finding good recycled clothing and toys, there are so many adorable things made out of recycled and reused products on the market.

There is something about soft floppy toys that makes the maternal instincts go all sentimental. This recycled and irresistible animal, Sam by name (pictured), sports a blue striped wool pullover, made from an old sweater. He is made out of soft angora which is gentle to baby's cheek. Another one is made of recycled old sweaters with mis-matched patterns stitched together like a patchwork quilt. It comes complete with an inner tube for swimming (how seasonal).

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Another thing that make mothers go all teary-eyed is little boys' tee-shirts. This one has vegetables on the front. The images are taken from 70's vintage towels that are sewn on. So cute. And to politicize them early: a Che Guevara tee-shirt to match daddy's tattered one.

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Diaper bags used to be over-sized horrible looking things, usually pink and white with ribbons and bows. Now there are chic bags, well designed and made out of interesting and sophisticated fabrics. At last. The hemp messenger bag is one that the husband could carry without embarrassment; made out of Romanian hemp, it has 9 pockets, of all sizes.

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Speaking of diapers, there are the most adorable cotton diapers around now, unlike the old days when they came in white, only. These are very bright (turquoise and greens) and stylish looking, whilst the black and white polka dot ones are right out of the 70's.

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For the exhausted mother; these Sleep Angel pillows are just the answer: they are embroidered with sleeping doll-like images and filled with lavender from Provence. Lavender smells so wonderful and is supposed to make you sleep better and deeper (how about just sleep).

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For the greatest looking bibs ever: a very chic bib (what!) quilted from vintage fabrics and reversible as well.

Just a reminder: TreeHugger has compiled a pretty extensive guide to "How to Green Your Baby" which is a good source of information and starting place for mothers and fathers considering the green route for their children's upbringing. It outlines hot topics such as diapers, breast or bottle, toys, furniture and wipes. :: Etsy Storque Blog
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