Ethical Pin-Ups

Observer Woman Magazine, the thinking woman's tabloid, is having an "ethical chic special". With a quiz on whether you are a hip guerrilla shopper or an old cynic (you will eat "pretty much anything grown in a poly-tunnel and picked by illegal immigrants"), profiles of Katharine Hamnett and Stuart Rose (the head of Marks&Spencer;), the issue is packed full of eco-fun. Don't miss the rating of celebrities in varying shades of green. Prince Charles comes first, in royal green, and Stella McCartney in chartreuse, Al Gore is amazon-coloured, Lucy Siegle is electric and the Queen is emerald. Apparently HRH recently offered £13,500 to someone who will "help phase out the use of pesticides from the Palace's gardens" and "maintain a new organic vegetable garden". Naomi Campbell gets lime pulp for "recycling her mobile phone for use as a weapon" and Mick Jagger is moss-coloured for off-setting his recent tour. Our favourite is Keeley Hazell, last seen green and topless in the Sun, who recommends making love by candlelight to save the world. Going up in the ecometer: Woody Harrelson, Sting who claims not to use soap, shampoo or deoderant, Leonardo diCaprio and Cate Blanchett. And Angelina Jolie who apparently tries to fly commercial when shopping for the kids. As for the baddies: David Beckham owns 15 vehicles, Tom Cruise is known as "emissions impossible" for his love of Learjets and of course Liz Hurley for her week-long wedding on two continents. :: Observer Woman

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