Ethical Man on BBC


One thing led to another and I ended up at the Ethical Man page on the BBC. Thinking "This is a great story, surely we've picked up it." And of course, we had. Leonora mentioned it in last weeks Blog Love. But, maybe like me, you were too busy to trot over for peek. Well, you should. Especially if, like many of our readers, you are seeking simple ways to lighten your environmental and social burden. Basically the BBC has charged Justin Rowlatt with the task of living an ethical life for one year and reporting on the experience. Although he thought he and his family were doing pretty good, he discovered their carbon footprint (PDF), for example, being 10 tonnes per annum, was roughly 3 tonnes more than the average Brit. So he asked for assistance and suddenly the Beeb was swamped in suggestions. Inspiring to see so many passionate people come forward. Even his sister weighed in. One respondent that Justin singled out for a scout merit badge was Loppy Garrard who on a mere £92.50 ($164 USD) per week accomplished a very impressive ethical lifestyle. Anyone wondering about how to do more, could do a lot worst than to take a post consumer recycled leaf from her book. Looks like an interesting year ahead for ::Ethical Man. via EcoStreet.