Etheco: Taking the Effort Out of Ethical Living


A new service that aims to rank how ethical products are is now available to individuals who want to be ethical consumers in the UK. Etheco aims to "take the effort out of ethical living" by using their own ranking system to determine the products that have the best combined environmental, human rights and social justice scores.

On a scale of 100, each product is given a score that combines the product or service's environmental impact (including things like energy & resource efficiency) along with the ethical performance rating of the company that supplies the product or service; the resulting score gives the relative "ethical-ness" of the product. For example, when it comes to washing machines, Hoover's HNL6166 White model scores an 88% -- the highest of any model on the site. It gets an energy rating of "A+", washing efficiency of "A", centrifugal efficiency of "A" and bonus points for being a front-loader; the other "ethical" terms the company is rated on aren't disclosed, though Etheco mentions that they get some help from survey, which will help them improve and expand their service, so we'll fill it out and hope to see more from them in the future. ::Etheco via ::Hippyshopper

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