EPA Wood Stove Changeout Campaign

Burning wood is quite a dirty business - I remember reading somewhere that burning wood for 9 hours in a conventional fireplace pollutes as much (mostly particulate matter) as driving an average car for over 20,000 kilometers – and it is easy to understand why it is important to make sure that it burns as cleanly as possible (or not at all, ideally). Starting in the summer of 2005, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching its Wood Stove Changeout Campaign. "Approximately 10 million wood stoves are currently in use in the United States, and 80 to 90% of them are older, inefficient, conventional stoves that pollute." For the duration of the campaign, people who change their old wood stove for a non-wood burning heater (ie. natural gas) or a EPA-certified wood stove (60-80% less pollution) will get monetary rebates. Personally, I'm quite partial to this one.

::EPA Wood Stove Changeout Campaign