EPA Wants Your Photos and Videos For Earth Day Project, Submissions Open Now

marin county california landscape photo

photo: Matthew McDermott

Photographers and filmmakers, the EPA wants you! As part of its Earth Day activities, the Environmental Protection Agency is launching an interactive film and photography project: Submit your own videos and photographs documenting what your doing to protect the water you drink, what steps your taking to reduce air pollution, and how you're contributing to the overall health of your community:
Video on You Tube, Photos on Flickr
Video entries should be submitted via YouTube, in the following categories: Reducing your carbon footprint, conserving and protecting water, protecting the environment, and reduce reuse recycle.

Photo entries should be submitted via Flickr, in the following categories: People and the environment, the beauty of nature, wildlife.

Submissions are open between now and the end of April.

More info: EPA Earth Day Photo Project & EPA Earth Day Video Project
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