Environmentalists Agog about Airport in Central Park

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We learn from Curbed that environmentalists are agog at the idea of converting Central Park in New York into a new airport. And why not? look at all the fuel that will be saved on trips to and from Kennedy and LaGuardia. And after Sully's Glider got knocked out of the sky by Canada Geese, it is perfectly obvious that if you have too much green space these things breed unsustainably. Isn't it better to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and turn Central Park into a fabulous new airport?

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And as Toronto's experience with Porter Airlines has shown, you can't be a world-class city without a downtown airport. It just makes so much sense to take New York's last, biggest undeveloped piece of land and turn it into something useful, especially if it saves precious fossil fuel. The Manhattan Airport Organization writes:

Perhaps most importantly, the significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon-based emissions pursuant to single-person automobile trips between Manhattan and the region’s existing three major airports underscores the fact that building Manhattan Airport is a critical step in living up to our environmental responsibility.

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Regular readers of this site will know that we are committed to historic preservation, that "the greenest brick is the one already in the wall." Therefore we are pleased to report that:

Vestigial architectural elements of the original Central Park site will, when possible, be retained or reworked in to the context of the new designs. Past will meet present in an aesthetic, yet pragmatic dialogue as our city’s priceless architectural heritage is reshaped and infused with a bold new relevance and sense of purpose befitting the financial and cultural capital of the world.

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Congratulations to the Manhattan Airport Foundation and the " numerous civic organizations, design professionals, and civic-minded individuals and businesses from New York and around the world, united in the goal of providing a viable transportation hub in New York City for the benefit of all New Yorkers."

via Curbed

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