Environmental & sustainable artist: Phoebe Washburn


Image: Phoebe Washburn, Wood Wall, 2006 (from artware editions)

In the past TreeHugger has explored the question of sustainable and environmental art and has looked at various artists whose work addresses the issues of sustainability and who use predominantly recycled materials to make their art. Click over for more installation pictures.New York artist, Phoebe Washburn is one such artist whose work addresses environmental sustainability, urban planning and recycling. She builds large scale, grand urban landscape like works, using detritus from the street such as cardboard boxes, old newspapers, building materials, and used plastic. By using such unassuming, boringly normal, discarded materials to make her organic urban landscape installations, she manages to bring our exhausted and abandoned trash inside and brings it to the attention of the public, and hopefully creates some discussion around these issues. (from Ana Finel Honigman's essay at UCLA Hammer gallery website).


Image: Phoebe Washburn, Heavy Has Debt, 2004 (from UCLA Hammer)


Image: Phoebe Washburn, installation from 2004 (via)

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