Environmental Stewardship Improves Students' Test Scores

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Image credit: Jose Kevo/Flickr

Educators in Louisiana have found that students who participate in special environmentally-themed lessons perform better on tests.

In a recent study, middle school students had eight hands-on lessons in horticulture, administered by the Coastal Roots program. After the lessons, students were given tests on their typical science curriculum as well as a test to measure "environmental awareness."The results were impressive. In the first year of the study, students who had participated in the horticulture lessons scored an average of 11.4 points higher on the tests than those who had not. In the second year of the study, participants scored an astonishing 25.07 points higher on average.

Additionally, tests showed that participants had a significantly greater "awareness of the environment."

Kathryn Karsh, the lead author of the study, commented that the research:

Proved that the addition of the horticulture lessons statistically improved student post-horticulture scores and environmental stewardship as determined by the horticulture test and test scores.

Researchers now hope to demonstrate that the lessons help to improve student test scores in other subjects as well.

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