Environmental Photographer of the Year Award

Ly Hoang Long photo

Natural world, runner up: Green steps, Ly Hoang Long, Vietnam. Terraced paddy fields for rice require large quantities of water and have an adverse environmental impact because of the amount of methane gas growing rice generates. World methane production due to paddy fields is thought to be between 50m and 100m tonnes a year.

CIWEM, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, sponsors an Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibition. "Over 1,400 pictures were entered into the competition, examining issues such as poverty, climate change, human rights, leisure, culture, biodiversity and natural beauty. The categories were Changing Climates; A World of Difference; Quality of Life; The Natural World; and a special Under 21 category which had no thematic boundaries."

I liked the photograph above the best, but hey, I am an architect and a sucker for contour maps.


Environmental photographer of the year and quality of life winner: Happy in her own world, Abhijit Nandi, India.
‘The woman in my picture is returning home from the paddy field after a long day at work. She never thought a village woman could be the subject of a photograph, so when I told her I'd like to take a picture of her, she just laughed’

"The entries were judged on impact, creativity, composition, originality and technical abilities, by some of the most respected environmental photographers in the industry, including Gary Braasch, winner of the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, Anthony Epes and Ronnie Israel. Lord Smith, acting Chief Executive of the Environment Agency selected the final overall winner who became the Environmental Photographer of the Year." ::Ciwem See a gallery of the pictures in the ::Guardian
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