Environment Movement Should Change Their Message, Says Author Chris Turner

Chris Turner Geography Of Hope
This article in the Star reports how author Chris Turner believes that most of the environment movement has been spreading the wrong message – that of doom and gloom of climate change – and feels it is time for us to shift from despair to dreams…

For his latest book, The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need, Chris Turner spent a year touring the world looking for solutions to the planet’s environmental crisis.

From the article: "I started off feeling the need to be hopeful,’ the Calgary author admits. But, `I feel the depth of my hope deepening ..... I’m finding my expectations exceeded regularly."

His new book describes many examples of things being done right, ranging from bio-solar homes in Thailand to a house in New Mexico which is made of recycled beer cans, wine bottles, tires and other materials, self-sufficient in electricity, heat, water, waste treatment and food production.Turner argues it's time to stop blaring dire warnings about the perils of climate change and, instead, start enthusiastically proclaiming solutions. He feels that current environmental movements are not communicating their message very well and as a result end up not inspiring people to change and doom-mongering rather than focus on solutions.

We need to dream rather than despair, he says. In his opinion the focus should be on the many benefits of a low-carbon, energy-efficient world. We need, "to imagine something greater... To bring a fundamentally changed world into the realm of the possible. To create hope."

Do you agree with Turner? Find out how you can get hold of a copy of his book here

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Environment Movement Should Change Their Message, Says Author Chris Turner