Enviro Toons: The Simpsons, Talking Toilets & Gay Unicorns

Variety has a review of The Simpsons Movie and confirms that the plot hinges on the rampant pollution of a local lake, with the thoughtlessness of Homer resulting in an epic screw-up, imperiling the entire town of Springfield. Similarly, HealthyRivers.org brings us Flushie the talking toilet who giddily casts his brown pawl over the recreational rivers and lakes of unfortunate vacationers. The toon aims to bring awareness to the Right to Know for Clean Waters campaign to tell Congress that the public has a right to be notified when sewage pours into our waterways. Taking action against the browning bespoiling of waterways and other enviro missteps continues in the hilarious, viral video hit Unicorn Planet. To see it, just close your eyes, make a wish and jump...
Act for Healthy Rivers is a broad-based coalition led by American Rivers that is fighting against the rising tide of sewage pollution. The coalition consists of groups representing paddlers, anglers, watershed associations, surfers and conservationists from around the country who are fighting sewage pollution in their communities. Americans count on clean rivers, lakes and streams for drinking water, recreation, economic livelihood and quality of life. However, according to the EPA, sewage overflows from our nation's crumbling sewer infrastructure systems dump nearly 860 billion gallons of sewage annually. To send an email to your Member of Congress and ask them to support Right-to-Know legislation, go here.

Now that you've done a little activism, here's a couple of entertaining episodes of Unicorn Planet in which we learn that even the gayest and most loving of creatures are willing to take only so much sh*t dumped into their pink unicorn waterfalls before taking action; we also get a lesson in not messing with nature's symbiotic systems.

Planet Unicorn on Susty.tv

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