Enviro Themes Will Be Scripted Into NBC U Storylines


Looks like my wish for 2007 is coming true. With the greening of the Evan Almighty film production and the promise of the Get on Board campaign that eco practices would extend to the entire NBC Universal media conglomerate, Variety's web exclusive indicates that, at least from a content perspective, things are on track. Next November, environmental themes will be scripted into programming as part of a week-long "Green is Universal" initiative. Bravo Media president Lauren Zalaznick, head of NBC U's Green Council, said that all NBC U networks would participate including broadcast, the cable networks, news, sports, daytime and latenight. Understand who Zalaznick is. Amongst her credits are: co-producer on the movie Kids, producer of environmental- toxicity-horror-arthouse classic Safe, and VH1 executive producer of VH1's pre-blog meta show Pop Up Videos and Divas. Most importantly you not only remember those last two shows, you are also aware of VH1 as a network and a brand. Why? Because Zalaznick was called in to use her ample skills to rebrand, that is, redesign that network. It should come as no surprise that we TreeHuggers like good redesign just as Zalaznick becoming NBC U's Green Tsar is a wise appointment. Of this new green scribing initiative, Zalaznick says:

For the first time ever, the massive resources of the entire NBC U family will stand together behind a single pro-social cause.

Video of Zalaznick here. More and a video scene from The Office when you jump.All NBC U programming, both scripted and unscripted, will adopt green-friendly and environmentally-oriented messages during the week of Nov. 4, starting with Sunday Night Football. Also, every single one of the primetime shows with storylines themed to green, including characters such as Michael Scott of The Office who had problems gaining traction on diversity training, how well he tackles green remains to be seen. Via ::Variety