Enter the CoolClimate Art Contest and Offer Your Vision of a Cleaner Future

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Image credit: CoolClimate Art Contest

The Earth may be our home but disasters like oil spills and threats like deforestation and global warming mean that it might not be such a hospitable place for much longer. Still, in the face of these obvious problems, many people refuse to recognize the need for immediate action.

the CoolClimate Art Contest is an opportunity to reach out to those who ignore the problem or willfully keep their heads in the sand. It's an opportunity to offer solutions.The CoolClimate Art Contest explains that:

The contest seeks to generate iconic images that address the impact of climate change and spurs participation in the climate change debate. Create a work that encompasses the questions above and explores our relationship with the climate—from clean energy jobs to pollution-free oceans—the subject choice is yours.

The submission period is open until August 23, 2010, to a wide range of art forms—all work, however, must be static: no videos or motion graphics.

All submissions will be graded by an esteemed panel of judges including Philippe Cousteau, Jackson Browne, Chevy Chase, Van Jones, and others. The top five entries will be featured on a special episode of Planet 100.

Find out more at CoolClimate.deviantart.com
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