Ensuring Kids Get a Ride to Wildlife

You may not realize it, but there are plenty of school districts out there where field trips are simply not an option due to the lack of funds it takes to operate the bus to get them there. Unfortunately, that severely limits the teaching options outside of the classroom to the school grounds. But with so many incredible places in the world to visit that are maybe even just around the corner, a bus ride can help provide a real boost to a students education. Enter "Wheels to Wildlife", a transportation grant program of The Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Society. It's just one great example of how groups can make an unexpected difference to help teachers and parents educate students about the environment. As one parent put it who accompanied here 9 year old child on a recent field trip, "Anytime they can learn outside the classroom, it sticks in their mind; it's huge." Without the resources to get them there, a great natural learning environment simply goes to waste. And let's face it, helping kids to develop an appreciation for the natural world is probably one of the best ways to encourage them to protect it.