Energy Wasting Day is Upon Us Again!

Turn on the Lights. Plug in your Chargers. Do your Part!
That's right folks, the people behind Energy Wasting Day 2008 made such an impact last year, they've decided to do it again. Dan Power and friends are asking for your help once again come April the 1st - so leave that fridge door open, step on the gas, and get wasting some energy. They've even created a song to show you how they roll. Click below the fold for more ideas on how you can get involved, and some behind the scenes footage too. In fact, Energy Wasting Day is such an important cause, the organisers are hoping that UK supporters will go out and buy Dan Power's new tune in an effort to get it to number one - I wasn't actually aware that people still bought tunes, but it proves how much I know. Anyhow, here's more from the Energy Wasting Day website:

This site celebrates my two favourite things: wasting energy and me.
These two glorious things combine in my debut single. Check out the video here, it’s hot to trot.
There are sexy girls in it as well. So don’t muck about, buy the single and get me to number 1.

But that’s not all, there’s a whole load of other great ways to absorb yourself in Energy Wasting Day. Download the lyrics and the ringtone and buy my awesome T-Shirts as seen in the video.

I guess my only question is this - where's Dan's gas-powered party blender? He's going to need it to celebrate in style. And check out this footage from behind the scenes of the video shoot - what a guy...

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