ENERGY STAR Launches New Version of ENERGY STAR@Home

Last year, we took a close look at both the summer and winter versions of ENERGY STAR's new ENERGY STAR@Home interactive tool, and liked what we saw. ES@Home provides users with an animated layout of a typical American home, and incorporates energy savings tips into various rooms and home features. Today, the government agency launches the latest version of this online tool, and has added elements that not only provide tips for saving energy and money while staying cool this summer, but also allow users who've implemented these ideas to share their stories. According to Denise Durrett, ENERGY STAR Communications Specialist,
We’ve given advice, and we know people are receptive to that advice. This year, we’ve added a component that allows people to come to us and tell us what they’ve done. So, we’re asking our users ‘Have you done these things in your home? What difference has it made? Come back and tell us how you’re saving money and energy.’
The site's new landing page features families that have made ENERGY STAR-recommended changes and improvements to their home, and tells of the savings they've gained. If you've also made changes in line with the program's suggestions, just click the "Tell Us How You Save Button" to send ES the results of these modifications. To reach even more people with its message of energy conservation, the site will publish these stories in both English and Spanish.

Remember: the average American family spends $1900/year on energy. The simple changes ENERGY STAR recommends can save you hundreds of dollars while lightening your environmental impact. ::ENERGY STAR@Home

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