Energy Star: Earth Day 2007 Giving Tree

We treehuggers are very familiar with Energy Star, the joint program between the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). Their logo can be found on all kinds of goodies (even outside of the US). This year, they have decided to celebrate Earth Day with a special online event called Giving Tree.

The way it works is that you have the option of picking "one of 10 Easy Ways to Give to the Earth" and you can "[dedicate] your Earth Day gift to someone you love and add a leaf to our Earth Day Giving Tree." Among the gifts suggested to the Earth for her birthday are things like sealing up drafts in your house, programming your thermostats, talking to your employer about energy management and signing up for renewable energy. To find out about the others options (we encourage you to do them all and explore Energy's Star website for more resources), check out the Giving Tree website. They even mention the Tree's page! Thank you, Energy Star!



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